The courses require the payment of two fees: a tuition fee and an enrollment fee.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for academic year 2014/15 are available (in PDF format).

The EXtra Euro Fee Calculator (an online tool) can be also used by students coming from ouside Europe. 

Please note that students coming from "low income countries" (or with an ISEE indicator lower than 12,000 Euros) do not have to pay the tuiton fee but only the enrollment fee.

Enrollment Fee

An additional fixed fee covering registration, regional tax and fixed stamp duties has to be paid. For the new academic year it is 440.52 Euro. 

For any question regarding administrative issues please contact:





The University of Pavia is currently involved in a number of Erasmus Mundus projects, through which students from non-European countries may apply to one of the available master degree courses (including, of course, the Master Course in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science). 

Also, every year a call for applications to the Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge is issued by the Pavia University. The scholarship is intended for students coming from developing countries. Please, visit the University website for more detailed information about the scholarship.