Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

The program provides high level education to graduate students with a bachelor in computer technology or scientific disciplines. The syllabus focuses on applied mathematics, economics, management and curriculum-specific subjects.

The Computer Science and Multimedia curriculum includes Multiprocessor Architectures, Computer Networks, Performance Evaluation, Multimedia Systems and Technologies, Computer Vision and Human Computer Interaction.

The Embedded and Control Systems curriculum comprises Automation and Advanced Control Systems, Process Control and Control of Robotic Systems, Embedded and Real-time systems (watch the video Automation is everywhere for a short introduction to automation and its applications in our everyday life).

The Services Engineering curriculum includes Business Analysis, Design of Enterprise Systems, Service and Web Systems Design.

The Double Master in Services Engineering A and Double Master in Services Engineering B curricula allow students to get two Master Degrees, spending compulsory semesters in our university and in partner universities. In this connection, a peer to peer agreement has already been activated with Chinese Universities, namely Tongji (Shanghai), HIT (Harbin), UESTC (Chengdu).

Lectures are integrated by lab activities, seminars and tutorials, delivered by industry leaders and visiting professors from all over the world.

Download the PDF brochure of the Master Program in Computer Engineering.