PhD School in Microelectronics

PhD program in Microelectronics is available and can be the natural host for the most brilliant students graduated from the Laurea Magistralis. The program fosters the acquisition of know-how and research skills which enable the development of innovative ideas in the field of integrated circuit design. The purpose is to train professionals for both academic and industrial careers. The following Laboratories are dedicated to research in Microelectronics: Analog Integrated CircuitsElectronic InstrumentationIntegrated Microsystems, and Microelectronics. During the 3-year program, candidates attend graduate courses and pursue an independent but supervised research activity leading to a dissertation thesis. At the end of the program, students are required to defend their PhD research against an external committee. Candidates admitted to the program are supported by industry- or government-sponsored research grants. Additional financial support is made available to outstanding candidates for selected industrial projects.